Dear Friend,

You have been chosen to join me in the kitchen towel exchange. If you choose to participate, you may ultimately receive 36 towels for the price of one!

It works sort of like a chain letter BUT THIS IS FUN because you get to see the different locations from which the towels arrive—and we can all use new kitchen towels!!

All you need to do is purchase one towel and follow the instructions below:


1. Make six additional copies of the blank form accompanying this letter. The copies are for distributing to six other friends of yours.

2. On one of the blank forms (you should now have seven), write my info in position (1) and your info in position (2). Then make five additional copies of this form (to avoid writing the same info over and over again). You should have six letters/forms with names and addresses on them.

3. Mail to each of your six friends: one blank form and one of the forms with the contact info filled in (just like how you received this letter)

4. Mail this letter and a towel to the person in position (1) so they know who the partners in crime were. A manila envelope works well for mailing towels.

You may choose not to participate but it will break the chain of towels to a deserving friend who will not have a domain of beautiful towels. He/She did her part and that’s how I got this letter.

May the cookery spirits be with you and I hope you enjoy your new kitchen towels!!

(1)       Name:                                                                                                                                   







(2)       Name:                                                                                                                                   





(If you are the first person to start this letter, place your name in position #2)