Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yellow No Polka Dot Bikini

Daly on Malibu Strings 2007
Malibu Strings offers many different styles for tops and bottoms in an array of cute patterns, not just the itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis that I like to wear. The ability to mix and match top and bottom sizes (and styles) helps to ensure a perfect and most flattering fit because our bodies are all different.

Last year, I wore small tops and bottoms but the fit was kind of out of proportion for me so I switched to the medium tops and micro bottoms.

During the summers when the weather in Vegas reaches three digits, we cool off in the waters of Lake Mead and Lake Havasu. Being exposed to the sun for hours during the weekends requires attention to avoiding sun tan lines and that's why I like the string back bottoms. Malibu String suits are not only sexy, they are comfortable, durable, and stay put when we're speeding across the lakes and rivers!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not the Last at Lake Mead

Though I woke up queezy Sunday morning from my overzealous wine consumption at dinner the night before, Sunday morning was so beautiful, sunny, and the air was so still that we couldn't resist going out on the lake. We thought the last weekend in September was definitely our last time taking the boat out as the weather was getting cooler and cooler by the day.
When we turned into Sandy Cove, guess who we saw but the same people we met the last time we were at the beachy area. John and Will (John works with my husband through a tool supply company and comes by the Harley-Davidson shop every week. Small world, huh?)
I had to wear my silver mesh with gray piping bikini which was custom made to match our new boat. Next season, my suit might be out of style or we will not have a matching boat knowing my husband.
[Forgive me, the bottom was made a little more micro than what I usually wear.]
Standing on the beach drinking margaritas, we actually broke a sweat because they day was surprisingly warm for the middle of October!
Now we are definitely convinced this has to be our last weekend out on the water because the weather couldn't possibly be any nicer since we are well into autumn.
But at least we had this past weekend out on Lake Mead. Even if we don't launch the boat again for the rest of the year, we still had fun and one last outing.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Lake Mead: Last Weekend in September

We did not expect Sunday to bring boating weather but the rain on Saturday must've sapped every drop of rain from the clouds and so Sunday was clear and sunny without a breeze in the air.And so it was hard not to do the obvious--take the boat out for a cruise!! My husband got the boat ready while I packed up our drinks, food, and equipment for a day on the lake.
Soon we were heading towards Lake Mead, passing the Bighorn sheep grazing the grass of Hemenway Park in Boulder City.
We were surprised by the number of people and boats beached at Sandy Cove and that's where we hung out all day. We met some awesome people and chatted all day with them.

[Fun in the sun.]

I even made some big small friends, Vinnie and Don Nunzio, who were very good photo subjects. (Don is absolutely crazy about rocks. He makes me want to give up jerky for rocks!)

[Speeding home at over 90 m.p.h. into the sunset.]
We're afraid this is the last good weekend for boating but you know what, we were very lucky to be able to enjoy what little was left of summer.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day '07 on Lake Mead

We launched our boat at Lake Mead Marina Sunday morning and though it was quite breezy, we had no problems with the ride as we rode between the narrow walls of Boulder Canyon into the open waters of the Virgin Basin. The water was much calmer out there, peaceful and quiet.

Until we heard in the distance, the sound of a weed whacker. My husband said you can hear the sound of the outboard coming towards us. I saw this small yellow rocket pass us by, throwing a rooster tail tripple its length. Johnny recognized the boat and rider; we waved.

The boat sped off into the distance, slowed down, and turned around in our direction. Johnny recognized him as Keith.
We floated in the water next to each other, chatting for quite some time before we followed him towards Temple Bar for a sandy beach where Keith would be meeting others.
It's amazing what we saw along the way, like this ... stack of dirt like a carved piece of chocolate cake just sitting out there.
Soon we were at the stretch of sand nicknamed Big Sandy Beach (near South Cove in Gregg Basin).
There was plenty of sand for us to beach on. Other families were there and the only sound we heard were of people laughing. No loud music, no engines revving. It was nice...
Finally Keith's friend joined us. It is a small world out there as we knew some of the other people who were out there.
There definitely was no serious business going on out there. Everyone was having a silly and fun time.
One couple was Johnny's parents' neighbor in Boulder City who were there with their 42-foot all carbon Outer Limit and it was a perfect match for my Malibu String suit!
We hung out for a while until it was time to jet home. With much work to do around the house tomorrow, we wanted to have our evening time together.
I love our boat! At over 80 m.p.h., it's hard to tell that we're even going that fast because the catamaran just glides over the water and this boat does a better job at deflecting the wind.
Today was especially nice for us to have some time play time off together. No drama; just sheer fun all day.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Havasu on Trick Powerboat

As soon as the counter tops in our kitchen were (completely) installed, we packed our bags and were soon out on Lake Havasu the next morning on our new boat. Custom built by Trick Powerboats in Kentucky, she was finally sitting gloriously in the driveway of our home in Nevada. We named her, "Turning Tricks".
This weekend in Havasu would be my first time riding on the boat (Johnny had a couple chances to ride it on Lake Mead since its arrival) so I was nervous in anticipation of experiencing the ride first-hand. I had heard from Johnny that the ride was smoother on this catamaran-style boat versus the v-hull that we previously had. Turning Tricks is technically 2 feet shorter than our last boat so I was hesitant to buy into the smooth ride just yet.
The moment we hit the open waters of the Colorado River, I was simply impressed by how still the ride was despite the white caps on the surface of the water that windy day. There was also a lot of boat traffic on the water so we had rollovers to pass. Despite conditions that were the perfect formula for a rough ride, we glided across the water like ice skaters on ice.

Riding this watercraft was different, from the sound of the outboard engine, feel of the ride, muted looks of the gel coat and storage space of this sleek boat--it was definitely a good experience.
After speeding back and forth across the river, we settled in the boat channel near the London Bridge to relax with other friends from HotBoat who had also moored in the channel. We had so much fun and I am looking forward to our next ride on Turning Tricks.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Express Boob Jobs

I bet that a lot of women wish that they can shift the fat (that is if they have ANY fat) from certain places on their body like, oh let's say the trouble spots (tush, thighs, and stomach) to elsewhere on their body where fat may be more desirable such as their lips or breasts. I know I did. But since that wasn't a reality for me, I chose saline implants. And it was the best elective surgery I've had besides LASIK.

Then I read this article called, Lunch Break Boob Jobs, about how fat cells are harvested from a woman's body through liposuction, sorted, and the regenerative cells injected back into her body--her breasts to be more specific. Great...yeah.

After reading the article, I admit I did have a twinge of regret for not waiting longer when the new method for breast augmentation will soon hit the market after the clinical trials end in 2008. My feelings of regret lasted all but two seconds and here is why:

1) The results occur over six months. That's a long wait versus a day spent on the surgery table and viola!--bigger breasts the next morning upon waking up.
2) I just don't think breasts made of injected fat can hold up as well as silicone or saline implants. They would need bras to cup and mold them whereas mine look just as good with no support as they do with support. How else could I have kept them from falling out from under my tiny bikini tops?
3) I also wondered how the growth of the fat tissues would be controlled. What if there's not enough growth or worse, too much growth? (I know men would never complain but I would not want to look like a freak show. I'm already weird as I am with having the biggest hand to height ratio for an Asian female.) Will they also be able to control which side of the breast grows larger? I was, like many women, uneven in size and now my breasts are nearly symmetrical in shape and size.
4) Which brings me to another point, how would they be able to control the shape of the fat injected breasts? Saline and silicone implants come in many shapes and textures.
And how is it that the fat injected into the breast is kept from being absorbed by the body? (Back story, pockets in the chests are made to allow room for how can loosely injected fat cells be contained to a circular pocket? I guess that's why I'm no the founder of this new method.) I'm sorry, I don't need more fat cells in me than I already have...LOL!!
5) On a serious note, this lunch break boob job is recommended (and ideal) for patients who've had a partial mastectomy because because it fills the void left by the removal of scar tissues. As far as I know, they don't make odd shaped silicone or saline implants that would perfectly fit the natural tissues like a puzzle so, yes, I think this "new generation of implants" as someone put it could work for a select group of women.

Fat injected, saline, or silicone breast augmentations...I don't think anything can compare to natural, home grown boobs. But if you're one of those who weren't as blessed, surgery may be an option. And it's not for everyone, it just happened to be the best choice out of elective surgeries that I've made.

I went from being flat as a pan (in the chest folks, not my face--I can't do anything about that).

To being more proportionate. My self-esteem increased and I was just thrilled to be able to fill a lot of my shirts, low-cut tops, tube tops, etc. and be able to wear bikinis without pads.

It wasn't like I was unhappy with myself. I liked my little boobs, they never shook when I jogged, and I felt that larger boobs might be cumbersome but I was wrong. Hey, there's always room for improvement within ourselves, right? So I think a person should already be happy within themselves because boobs will not change your self-esteem but it may improve it.

So sure, a lunch break boob job may take less time on the surgery table and have a shorter recovery period but you know what?...the short time of pain I felt and the few weeks of being uncomfortable thereafter was WELL WORTH IT!!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day of shopping and TAO Beach

Yesterday my friend, Dolly, and I went shopping at Desert Passage. I picked up a couple sandals, a white cowboy hat, and some lingerie from Victoria's Secret.
Dolly and Daly at P.F. Changs
We took a break and stopped at P.F. Changs for some crunchy lettuce wraps, spicy seared ahi tuna, and refreshing Asian pear mojitos.
My fortune
My fortune.
Daly and Daly at the Venetian pool
Then we hung out by the pool at the Venetian (when we actually had wrist stamps to get into TAO Beach).
Venetian Pool
We did end up going to TAO Beach for a little bit before we headed home. This afternoon turned out to be a nice sunny day which was a relief from the week of humidity and gloom.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Perfect Ending

After an awesome weekend of lunch with friends that I haven't seen for some time, relaxing by Rosemary's pool, and lunch at the Thai Temple, it was time for me to head home. Lalo took Rosemary and I for a quick breakfast in Toluca Lake before dropping me off at the Burbank airport.

I saw L.A. disappear underneath me as my plane took off towards the Northeast. Soon I could spot Red Rock Canyon in the distance as I landed in McCarran International Airport. What a relief to be on the ground again even though the flight was just around 45 minutes. Did I mention that I hate to fly?

Though I admit that this time around, I was a little relieved because we drove to Hermosa Beach and Corona Del Mar last weekend, then drove back to Vegas to recoup for day before driving to Lake Havasu for a couple days to celebrate the 4th of July, and then drove back to Vegas for work. I would've had to drive back to CA the next day for the weekend and then drive back to NV after a couple days! Even though I didn't do the driving throughout the past week (being a passenger can be stressful ), I still think I would've gone crazy at some point.

Soon after I had landed, Johnny and I were off to our friend's house for a BBQ and some down time in the pool. They like to call their get togethers Rehab like the Hard Rock but in my opinion, this was much more fun because 1) it wasn't crowded, 2) we always had a place to sit, 3) the drinks and delicious BBQ grills didn't cost nearly what it would at HR, and 4) the company can't be beat!
We hung out by the pool and swam. Some more friends from were there and the neighbors came with their baby girl and two dogs. Our friends kids were just too sweet to be around.
The guys had fun smoking the ribs, chicken, and grilled vegetables including jalapenos! O...M...G were those grilled jalapeno so delicious. I had one...two...and by the third one, my eyes were tearing and tongue almost fell off but I can't resist spicy things!

Later in the evening, we went onto the streets and lit fireworks. The display was just as big as when were out on the water in Lake Havasu on the fourth!! I can't say enough what fun we had with our friends and what a fun week we had. This day was definitely the perfect ending to a holiday week. I wouldn't have wanted our holiday to have been any other way!

Click here Picasa Web Album for more photos.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fourth of July in Havasu - Part 2

The next day, we were out on the lake by noon and our first stop was the Sand Bar. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect weather, perfect company.

Li and I at Sand Bar, Lake Havasu
We hung out at the Sand Bar for a while; walking around, watching the beer bong parties, and some wild teenagers dancing on a pole attached to a party boat. I wished I had my camera on me to capture this kid young teenage boy in a hot pink bikini sliding up and down the pole and hanging perpendicular to it!

Sand Bar Lake Havasu
After the Sand Bar, we headed back towards the London Bridge to beach along the Boat Channel in town. Just as we made it under the bridge, the water way and car traffic on the bridge were shut down in both directions. There was a jumper on the bridge and he was threatening to commit suicide on the anniversary of our nation's independence.

All was quiet--music turned down and voices were hushed as everyone watched to see what he would do. Some onlookers were terrified and others chided him to jump. I was just sickened by the thought that someone would be so selfish as to call for attention from the people enjoying themselves all because he wanted to end his life and didn't know how to ask for help. If he wanted to kill himself, he should do so away from the public eye and not in front of the many children that were playing in the area!

Jumper on London Bridge
Finally after about 45 minutes the guy gave up and climbed back over onto the bridge (probably because he was too hot). The crowd cheered and, as if someone had turned on the master volume, the sounds of Lake Havasu on a holiday weekend came back. They allowed the boat and car traffic through again.

Li and I in the Boat Channel
And so life moved on. We saw this car/boat thingie pass through the Channel...

floating boat car

As the afternoon dwindled, we made our way to the bay area where the fireworks would be lit.

Brooke and Donny at the lake
The 4th of July also marked another significant date in our lives--when we first met six years ago and we're still together today.

Johnny and Daly
We tied up to other boats and just floated in the water. The kids jumped in and out of the boat having a great time while the temperatures were cooling down from today's highs.

boat tie up
I couldn't tell you how many other boats were in the water. By the time the sun had set and all was dark, the lights on the other boats reflected off the water like firelies.

boat in the lake
The fireworks was just brilliant and it felt like we had the best seat in the house and the fireworks were lit just for us! The show went on and on...I could hear people on other boat cheering. I cheered too--so loudly that my vocal chords still hurts today...LOL!! How can one not feel such a sense of pride? Proud to be an American.

Men of Havasu(Johnny, Don, and our friend, Tavis, who joined us half way through the day while we were in the Channel.)

Once the show of fireworks had finished, the boats started exiting the lake one by one. It was such a neat parade. The night was still wonderfully warm so we were not in a rush to leave. What an AWESOME, AWESOME day! Thank you Don and Li. We had one of the best times in our lives!

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Fourth of July in Havasu - Part 1

After we came back from California, we spent a day recuperating at home only to head out the door again Tuesday morning. This time, our destination was for Lake Havasu. Temperatures reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit when we met up with our friend Tavis for lunch.

He's one crazy man for riding his bike around in the heat but it's his goal not to drive his car. So we drove over the London Bridget to Barley Brother's for some grub. One of my favorite things to get there is the Tripleberry Wheat beer. It is so refreshing and goes down easy (way too easy).
I had the fish and chips. The batter was delicious and the fries were even better!!

After a yummy lunch like that, we had to take a nap so Johnny and I went back to Tavis' house (where we were staying) but Tavis had to leave for work. So off he went on his bike wearing nice slacks, a long sleeve button up shirt, and tie.

When we had our fill of sleep, we drove to another friend's house, Don and Li, whom we met from We had drinks and chatted until it was time to go bar crawling. Our first stop was the Naked Turtle Bar at the Nautical Inn. It is such a neat little bar overlooking the water. Thank goodness for the misters because they night was actually pretty hot and humid--even for a heat lover like me! We shared a bucket of margaritas, nachos, and lots of laughter.

While we were there, we ran into other people we knew from Wes was delivering one of the Trident Custom boats he built to a customer and we saw them drive away. We also saw Kevin and his on Vince.

After that we went to Martini Bay with Don and Li and had some really dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.

After we had a couple drinks we walked along the Channel to the next bar, Kokomos. Li is so funny...she was in that cage with the pink bars were dancing and singing! What a fun night we had.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Hermosa Beach

Saturday was the kick start of our extended weekend and so it has become our tradition to go to Hermosa Beach as we had last year. This time we stayed at the Holiday Inn overlooking the shores of Hermosa Beach. After settling in, we rode our bikes down to Hennessey's Tavern on the Strand for some refreshing mojitos (they were too good!) and lunch.

Then we laid our towels out on the sand in Manhattan Beach and took a nap.

When evening came, we dined at Little Italy's Kitchen on the corner of Pier and Hermosa Avenue. That little tiny restaurant sure packs a lot of ambience and good food! I had the Cioppino (shrimp, lobster, clams, calamari, and fresh fish served in a seafood broth). Yummm...

After dinner, we walked over to Patrick Malloy's for some after dinner drinks. The scene had definitely changed since the day we first met six years ago right next door at Sharkeez. Now that our stomping ground was reduced to ashes a year ago, it hasn't been rebuilt and the patrons have scattered to the nearby bars. So all the familiar faces weren't there to be seen.
[Speaking of places where we have been burning down. For our dating anniversary last year, we went to Hermosa because we wanted to go to Sharkeez but the bar was reduced to rubbles by flames a month (end of May) before we could make it there so we toured Catalina Island for that day. Well the island was an inferno this past May. Weird...]
The next day, we went to Eat at Joe's for breakfast. They must have one of the yummiest most boring looking Bloody Mary's! After we ate some grub what else was there to do but ride our bikes along the strand to find a perfect spot on the beach to lay out.

We had so much fun in Hermosa but it was time to go home (not before visiting Grandma, Aunt Jan, and Maggie (who was visiting for the week) in Corona Del Mar before leaving CA). Havasu was calling our names...

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our Memorial Weekend

This weekend has got to be the best weekend ever! I know I say that about every weekend but it really was a lot of fun. From meeting the coolest people, to the boat we rode on, and the new spot where we beached for the day to an evening BBQ on the quiet waters, and finally a night out at the Red Room Nightclub--our day in Havasu will be one that Johnny and I will always remember.

A friend that my husband met off of invited us to join him on his 30-foot deck boat for the Memorial Weekend and so we headed to Lake Havasu early on Sunday morning.

The day was absolutely perfect. Sunny with a slight breeze. We met Phat Matt at the Islander where we launched. Talk about being spoiled at the launch. Instead of launching at our usual spot at the Lake Havasu Marina, where I imagined it would be complete chaos and lines of boats waiting to launch (and parking nightmare) on this holiday weekend, we had the launch area all to ourselves. No one before us, no one waiting to launch after us. Completely stress-free.

Also with us was Phat Matt's girlfriend, Jen, and their dog, Buddy, their friends, Wes, and his wife, Audrey, and their dog, Izzy. (Whew!) All six of us and two of the sweetest canines sped through the lake, cruising at 70 m.p.h. past the Sand Bar (and other boaters), through Devil's Elbow all the way to Moabi Park near Topock. THAT was one of the wildest rides I have ever been on. I wish I knew more about boats than v-bottoms and cats because I would go into detail about Phat Matt's boat. All I can say about that experience is WOW! We sliced through the wakes that other boats and jet skis made like nothing where we would have felt a little turbulence on our boat.
We were soon at the spot where we would beach for the day. As we rounded the curve to Topock, you could see a row of boats after boats all along the coast of Moabi Park. This was a place that Johnny and I had never been to before and you bet we will visit that place more often. It was different from the Sand Bar (or the boat channel) in that we weren't in the middle where the waves from boats passing by didn't beat upon us or we were inhaling exhaust fumes and standing in stagnant greasy water. There were tons of people, families and pets soaking in the sun and BBQ's going at on Moabi.

We hung out there, meeting other Hot Boaters and drinking Jungle Juice and Wes, another member's margarita concoction: a mixture of orange juice, margarita mix, and Tres Generations tequila (the smoothest tasting tequila) can be too easy to drink.

Then we sped back through the river to a cove where we tied up to couple other boats and BBQ'd hamburgers into the sunset. The water was calm as the sunlight disappeared and the lights on the homes along the shores lit up the lake--casting their reflections in the water. The evening could not have been better.

When we finally pulled the boat out of the water (I don't know how they do it with such a big boat but it was neat to be part of the process) and parked it in the RV lot (I don't know how Wes backed the boat up drunk but he did it better than I could have sober. I do remember him saying something about the irrelevance drunkenness and competency.)

After Johnny and I left the Islander, we went back to our friend's house where we were staying and got ready for a night out at the Red Room. (By the way, Tavis was out of town for a friend's wedding and he is so generous to let us stay at his place for the weekend).

Soon we were inside the Red Room, a small nightclub along the restaurant row that runs along the boat channel. It was amazing how many people were waiting in line but Phat Matt got us into the V.I.P. line and right into the door to where we were seated--the best seat in the house right next to the dance floor. There were so many weekend partiers there--some looked awfully young but I am sure it is my perception because I am getting older. Even as we left for the night, there was a long line of people still waiting to get inside. I can still hear the music, see the lights and feel mist that shot out into the hot crowd.

Needless to say we slept like a rock after a full day of fun before heading home early the next morning with our boat in tow (we had left at Tavis' the weekend before). It was good to be home and see our girls.

We spent Monday having our own little BBQ in the backyard and reminiscing over the awesome weekend that we had...

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

For A Limited Time

Hey...I'm on the front of my favorite bikini site,!! I had a woman e-mail me saying, 'for once, it was great to see another real woman with a figure instead of the all-too-perfect-stick-thin models on their website.' That makes me feel good that other women see themselves wearing a small bikini too.

I've started my friends on wearing MS bikinis with one who (has always worn a full bottom bikini despite her cute ass) said she's going for the g-string when we head to Cabo next month. Good for her!! (I guess it's time for me to hit the gym or I will be the one wearing the full bikini bottom this time...LOL).


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another Trip to Lake Havasu

This past weekend, Johnny and I decided to get away for a little while. Just us two as we drove down to Lake Havasu, AZ. We rented a friend's condo for a couple nights. As we entered the grounds, white-tailed rabbits were hopping across the lawn--so many of them!

As soon as we parked the boat, we went in search of a small Tex-Mex restaurant chain called Chuy's. Our friend's recommendation didn't steer us wrong as we entered the restaurant. We were immediately greeted by a loud bellowing, "Hey folks! How are you doing tonight?! There's chips and salsa at the bar and you can order your food and drinks over here (he pointed at the counter)".

I looked around and the interior was just wild! EVERY inch of the walls were covered with graffiti-like artwork, plastic chickens hanging from the ceiling and lots of interesting stuff. Even the headrest above seats were carved and painted into cartoonish characters. I loved the 11th commandment they displayed on the wall that said, "Thou shall eat chicken!" and chicken we ate.

Our dinner was absolutely fun and delicious! I had a mix of BBQ and hot shrimp. They are SO yummy and not breaded. Johnny had a sampler of their well-known BBQ, beef tri-tip, mesquite shrimp, rice and side of tortillas. Later, that same bellowing bartender came to chat with us. He even brought me a bunch of serrano peppers after Johnny mentioned I liked my food hot. We didn't even have to ask, he willingly offered.

Every time we're in Havasu, we noticed the customer service is always great. The friendliest people and not even pretentious!

The next day, we towed the boat right down to the water and launched. The day started out cool but warmed up later. Clusters of boats gathered around the Naked Turtle Bar...I guess it was an Advantage regatta.

We went further down the river and explored other parts of the river we had never seen before. Speeding across the surface of Lake Mead, ducks dove underwater to escape our turbulence as we flew past other boats. We stopped by Copper Canyon and checked out the houses along the California coast.

By afternoon, we headed towards the Sand Bar, our favorite spot on the lake, but the lake was 3-4 inches lower so we decided not to try and cross some of the shallow places to get through. We moored at the channel and chatted with some other nice folks who parked near us and watched other boats pass by.

The sun was near setting so we decided to pull the boat out of the water. I had to back the truck and trailer down for what would be my third time. The other two crash courses I had was during Labor Day weekend on Lake Mead. shouldn't seen the sight. It's not as easy at it looks! But this time, I backed the truck down no problem and after I pulled the boat out of the water, I was greeted by cheers and congratulations.

The night was still young and when we returned to the condo, we asked a neighbor where we should go for steak and seafood dinner. He suggested without hesitation Shugru at the Ramada Inn along the lake and to Shugru's we went.

We had a fantastic time at the bar with our drinks before we sat down for dinner. I had ahi tuna and Johnny had steak. We got so much food, we couldn't finish it all!!

As we left Shugru's, I heard, "Hey, good job on backing the boat down!" as I looked back. Apparantly one of the guys from the launch recognized me...and so did his buddies as they stepped outside the restaurant to congratulate me.

(To be continued...)

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pink Polka Dot Bikini

Earlier this week, Malibu String Bikini Company sent me a collection of their gorgeous bikinis and logo wear. I got the Crystal String bikini in hot pink, the Hearts Desire and the Open Triangle in black, a white MS tank and the black bootie short. (The hubby got a t-shirt too...LOL) All are SO CUTE!!

Once I get a chance to wear them on Lake Havasu next weekend and when we go to Cabo in November, I will post pics. For now, there are plenty of hot girls in the Malibu String competition gallery where I have my own page (NOT saying I am hot, my pics just happen to be Malibu String truly is the sexiest swimsuit on the planet!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

YIKES! August is gone...

Sorry I haven't written in so long. I've been to my sister's wedding in MN, Lake Havasu for a mini-vacation, a friend's wedding in Los Angeles and Lake Mead for the past holiday weekend. I still have a lot of catching up to do with the semester starting so I promise I will post soon!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our New Lightning Boat and 2005 Moomba for Sale!

I should've known when Johnny said, "Let's go look at these boats (at a boak maker in the San Fernando Valley of California called Lightning Boats)" that he meant, "Let's go buy a new boat".

Since coming back from Havasu, he has been so hot on buying a bigger, faster boat but I don't blame him. Mainly because he was tired of getting beat around on the choppy waters--and so was I.

So Sunday morning, we headed to the San Fernando Valley to visit Lightning Custom Boats, a branch of Ultra Boats but they're way cheaper in price.

Before I knew it, we had ordered a new 23-footer boat...and am left wonderning how are we going to fit it in the garage?! I can't help but like it though. It will look great and ride better! More room and I absolutely love the billet aluminum cupholders!!

With that said, we are selling our beloved 2005 Moomba Outback. It is listed on ( Just some info:

  • Garaged and fresh water only!2005 Moomba Outback
  • Waketower billet board racks
  • Gravity I 500lb ballast
  • Upgraded Alpine 5896 Head Unit
  • iPod ready
  • XM and Sirius ready with 6 speakers
  • Custom made 5ft long 3-color bimini top
  • Cleanest used boat you will find anywhere (and believe me, he's so anal about keeping our boat clean.
We will miss our boat. It has been a lot of fun but we realized we really don't wakeskate or pull much of anything behind us but our friend Dirk who likes to hang off the back. We need a boat that will better fit our lifestyle of cruising, or should I say speeding, across the water without much trouble while soaking in the sun!

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

We are happy to report that less than a week later, we sold our boat to a very deserving family. They were a small family from Reno and Johnny met them half-way in Tonopah to deliver the boat. Upon first glance, you would've never guessed that they were a wakeboarding family. The parents and uncle looked pale like they were from the midwest, kinda heavy set and both were smoking like chimnies. The daughter, Johnny initially thought was a boy, was only a tom-boy with short brown hair.

The story is that they have an 11-year old boat and were ready for a new one. Not only because it was old but the father and uncle had been drug addicts until they started wakeboarding. Since the discovery of their new water hobby, they have been clean and we're glad our boat will be getting some good use!

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Bikini Turns 60

While the bikini is almost old enough to retire, she is still just as sexy if not sexier in her old age. Read this interesting story about the origin of the bikini.

Meanwhile, my Malibu Strings bikini collection grows. I have the Malibu Micro Bikini in black, Sparkle Mesh, and a White Butterfly which I wore to Havasu and they don't make anymore. I just recently added this one called Butterfly Beach (photo to right): I LOVE THEM!! At first, I thought they were small but each time I wear them, I'm so comfortable with the pieces and myself that they feel normal.

Now the traditional bikinis seem too big. It feels like I'm wearing a diaper!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's Happening?

The Durango
I must sound like a broken record or at least am starting to. The Durango is in the shop again. This time, the techs think there's water damage in the engine so they're going to take it apart. Keep in mind this vehicle is less than 3 months new. So it's been 19 days in the shop...and counting until the day when they have to give us a new vehicle (lemon law). Why go through all this trouble to repair it, I say? Just give us another car and no one will get hurt.

Just Us
Even though the wedding is over, we are still very busy around the house and just daily life. Man, I remember being bored out of my mind without a thing to do! I guess being busy is the norm for couples when there are needs, wants, desires and simply the every day life and schedule of two people to blend. Hard to believe but we have been married for just over a month!

Half Shell
Last Friday we went to eat at the Half Shell, which recently opened on Horizon Ridge and Horizon Parkway in Henderson, for some good food and cheap drinks. As the name implies, they specialize in seafood dishes served in their main dining area, (dark and moody) bar, secluded upstairs dining and outside patio area with cushiony benches and fire pits. But no matter where we go for casual dining, it seems we can never escape the ever-present flat screen televisions which loiter in the corners and on the walls. Johnny dreams of having a tikki bar that truly captures the ambience of the ones in the 1950's and 60's--void of televisions and more condusive to personal conversations and intimate gatherings.

Helluva Saturday
Well...I think I already posted about Saturday in my most recent Week in Review.

The Strip and Margaritaville
Sunday we went to the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace to return my niece's golf shoes her mother purchased when she was out here for our wedding last month. For lunch, we walked across the street to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (where we ate for my bachelorette party). Johnny had Alaskan Cod while I opted for the peel-and-eat shrimp cocktail. It was sure nice to sit on the patio overlooking the Strip sipping margaritas. Being locals has its perks such as stiff drinks from the bartendar and genuinely-friendly, prompt service from the waitress.

Lake Mead...again
We took the boat out to Lake Mead Monday rather than Havasu being that it was Memorial Day. I haven't been to Havasu on a holiday but based on our trip last week, I knew it would be crazier than when we were there--and it was. Havasu police made some 42 arrests and 38 of them were underage females. We didn't let other tragic news and multiple rescues from the ridiculously windy day before bother us on the lake. We still had fun and it was the perfect closure to a nice weekend.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Week in Review (May 21-27)

Recovered from a nice four-day weekend in Havasu. Lots of fun!

Confirmed that the bar where Johnny and I first met, Sharkeez, had in fact burned down.

Waited in line at the DMV to change my name on my driver's license.

Waited in a much longer line at the Social Security Office to change my name on my social security card. That experience was a nightmare.

Still battling with the issues of our Durango. First it was recalled for a computer crash but that was fixed. The very next day, Johnny towed the boat with the truck to Lake Mead and when he launched the boat, the air-intake-thinga-ma-jiggie got wet causing the truck to misfire.

After 16 days I finally have my baby back. But my thrill was short-lived when it still showed signs of having the same problem. The dealership has been very accomodating by letting us have our pick of any vehicle off their lot so we can have a truck to tow our boat to Lake Mead for Memorial Weekend. They wouldn't normally just lend any vehicle from their inventory for any customer. It helps that Johnny is good friends with the second in command to the owner. Plus they'd rather not spend another $700 on another weeks' car rental for us.

I been running around all over Vegas doing my errands all day and getting the runaround. I'll spare the details but will mention that I am happy to be married and don't plan to ever remarry so I will never need to go to David's Bridal for a wedding dress. I was given conflicting information on which I relied on and when I realized that I will not be able to get my dress dry cleaned through them, I wanted to jump over the counter and bitch-slap their rep.

Errands completed, I felt what it was like to be a taxicab driver. Except I had no passengers to pick up and dropped off and the only thing I was hauling around was my fat ass.

I am finally home and thought I would share the album I spent countless hours compiling, organizing, editing and uploading to Imagestation only to find out that my account was "deactivated". How could this possibly be? I have a paid membership with priviledges! Perhaps it was because another one of my albums contained photos of "pornographic nature" that were "offensive to the community" which violated my user agreement with Imagestation? I'm sorry, I had no idea that photos of people having fun in Havasu, which is a lake, and when the temperature is 104 degrees people wear bikinis in the water to stay cool, be comfortable and look good...not long johns! Trust me, there are some real pornographic material on the Internet that are way worse than the photos on my album. Even the streets of Vegas are full of billboards and material that would be considered "pornographic"!

Evidently, some sicko pervert was surfing the literally 1,000's of albums online through Imagestation and was "offended" by my photos like the one I posted about Havasu. Okay, there were families in Havasu, young kids skimboarding and having fun--who weren't offended by what people were wearing. So if it was a public gathering, how offensive can photos be of the public gathering?! I'm pissed off that I can't share my wedding album, pissed off at that overly conservative no-skin-showing police who had forgotten that sex was how they were conceived, and pissed off at Imagestation for agreeing with that oppressed Peeping Tom blabbermouth that my photos were "pornographic" and "offensive". Don't look then!

What kind of photos were they expecting to see when they saw an album titled "Lake Havasu" and people on the beach on the cover? GASP--what a surprise! Girls in bikinis and half-naked men. Obviously they couldn't turn away and kept scrolling through the pictures until "Oh my heavens, what on Earth is she wearing?!". It's a bikini, b-i-k-i-n-i, you know...what people wear at the beach? I bet I could put a bikini on my cute little cat and be "deactivated" for it.

Well, I have better things to do than to continue ranting. It's gonna be a lovely three-day weekend. I am going to shut off my laptop so I can go into the kitchen and cook my hard working sweetheart of a husband a nice dinner. While I am cooking, I am going to wear my Malibu Strings bikini. The little tiny one with the sheer black mesh material and glitter micro bi-ki-ni. Exactly like this one:

Try censoring this...MUAH HA HA HA HA!! Perhaps I will post pics of me cooking in my bi-ki-ni as well. Some people may say I have no shame. I say hey--I'm happy, healthy, I have a great husband who makes me happy and I like to please. I have one life, one body (and it's not too bad looking) and I'm a gonna enjoy everything for as long as I possibly can. At least I don't push my bi-ki-ni in any one's face. And in the case of the Imagestation nark, if you don't like it, don't look--and don't go looking for it either.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I mean, Havasu.

Gosh, what trouble have we been up to lately since the wedding? Mainly trying to relax and take a short little break where we can simply just do nothing.

I am really enjoying not having class (maybe a teeny weeny too much) and being able to go home right after work to be home with Johnny.

This past weekend, we headed to Lake Havasu with a group of friends to enjoy our boat on the water. Since I have never been to Arizona before, I was really looking forward to the trip (more than you will ever know ;))

We left late Friday evening but the drive was a short two hours. Our friends were already there and we unloaded our luggage in the house we rented for the weekend. What a beautiful home it was--and just our style with the tropical paradise decor. Johnny and I took the master suite and after we unpacked, headed to the patio to BBQ and sit by the pool.

The next couple days were spent out on the water--either in the channel near the London Bridge or at the sand bar (a shallow place in the middle of the water where many the boats dock and people hang out). I won't mention the beer bong contests, pasties that pass for bikinis, or how one can get a free Havasu hottie t-shirt.

It was...a nice weekend =).

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